OverIT is a leading multinational company with more than 20 years of international and cross-industry experience in Field Service Management. For many years OverIT has been providing dedicated functionalities to help its worldwide customers manage and track the entire processing of work orders, from their creation and assignment to job execution and debriefing.
OverIT masters the business processes of several industries, including Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Services, Transportation and Telco. Driven by a strong global focus, the company works side by side with a wide range of different business realities to help them achieve the best possible performance and maximize their productivity.

OverIT today serves over 200 Worldwide customers and more than 85.000 on-field users with two products:

GEOCALL - A fully parametric, end-to-end product for managing and optimizing the entire Field Service delivery process. It provides several vertical industry templates to enable customers to organize, schedule, and optimize the work, enabling technicians on mobile and wearables.

SPACE1 - The all-in-one solution that leverages Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality with the aim of supporting modern technicians throughout the execution of activities on field. It enhances their capabilities thus to help them complete repair and service tasks more efficiently and effectively.