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Industry Specific Solutions

Every industry is different, but all frontline tasks can be made safer and more efficient with connected worker solutions. From the floor of fast paced auto shops to the dizzying heights of wind turbines, the RealWear HMT headsets are designed to help workers stay productive and aware of the hazards that surround them.


RealWear - Solution Automotive

Customer service doesn’t end after the car sale. In fact, it’s just beginning. Learn how RealWear is helping technicians return vehicles back to their drivers more quickly by streamlining the maintenance process.

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Digital transformation through IoT, AI and connected worker solutions will enable your workforce to work safely and effectively next to collaborative robots and factory equipment. Reduce downtime, errors and injury risk while accelerating production to meet the growing global demand.

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Oil & Gas


RealWear devices’ rugged designs give frontline operators hands-free IOT data visualization to safely and easily operate, inspect and maintain equipment. The HMT-1Z1 is the only remote collaboration tool that’s rated to be intrinsically safe in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Health Care

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Connected worker solutions can help frontline medical workers collaborate with specialists and the greater medical community. Hands-free solutions and telemedicine capabilities help keep patients and staff safe.

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Energy & Utilities


Global energy and utility leaders trust RealWear to empower and connect their global workforce. RealWear’s connected worker solutions improve frontline workers’ accessibility to reference materials and expert knowledge, enabling them to get vital information at the point of need.

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Field Services


Field service workers using RealWear headsets have streamlined processes to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

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Connecting the Whole Workforce

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Hands-Free Use Cases

RealWear’s hands-free connected worker solution has made countless mission-critical tasks safer and more efficient. The applications are limitless, but here are some of the most common RealWear use cases.

Visual Assist

RealWear headsets are equipped with a high-definition camera that can be used to capture images or videos from the wearer’s perspective. Firstline workers can use the devices for hand-free verification and visual documentation.

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Remote Mentor

Increase accessibility to expert knowledge while in the field. A high-definition camera, two-way audio, noise cancellation and high-resolution micro-display allows remote mentors or experts to guide frontline workers on site.

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Data Visualization

RealWear connected worker solutions work seamlessly with industrial IoT applications to give operators the real-time data they need to operate, inspect and maintain equipment.

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Document Navigator

Hands-free access to digital documents enables frontline workers to get relevant information when they need it most. By being able to reference technical documents while working on equipment, workers are empowered to work more efficiently and safety.

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Digital Workflow

Digital workflow solutions provide visual instructions, checklists, data entry and visual documentation of completed steps while on the go. RealWear connected worker solutions enable workers to boost productivity while reducing operational errors.

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Remote Collaboration

Sometimes, an onsite worker needs support. Using RealWear, the worker can engage in video calls and have a full team of remote collaborators to overcome unique or difficult challenges.

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Explore the Platform

The RealWear HMT platform is an Android™ tablet in headset form and is controlled entirely by voice commands. Designed for use in rugged environments, the RealWear connected worker solution is compatible with helmets, safety glasses, hearing protection and other personal protective equipment.

  • Hands-free operation helps workers stay productive and safe.
  • Micro-display shows relevant information in the line of sight without blocking line of sight.
  • Powerful wireless connectivity allows workers to work anywhere.
  • Multiple technology partners ensure that there’s an app for every need.
  • Communication features make remote collaboration easy.


A connected worker solution is technology that improves productivity by empowering workers to make faster and better decisions with timely and relevant information. Connected Worker initiatives that use RealWear as their system have resulted in significant ROI in hours, not months.

By empowering and connecting workers with remote experts and real-time data, the overall operations is more efficient. By feeling more connected to engineers and information, workers tend to stay more focused and gain knowledge faster through collaboration and micro-learning. For industrial businesses, this means less downtime, fewer errors, enhanced safety and greater returns.

Both companies and employees benefit from connected worker solutions. Workers who use assisted reality solutions who need their hands free to do their work or who need to be connected equipment data will see the greatest benefits.

Both the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 are designed for industrial environments. They are:

  • Dust proof and waterproof with an IP-66 rating
  • Shockproof and can withstand a two-meter drop onto concrete
  • Tested and rated at MIL-STD 810G

The HMT-1Z1 is intrinsically safe, which means it’s FMC1/D1 & ATEX Zone 1 certified for potentially explosive environments.

Also, for environments when it’s hard to communicate, the RealWear has built in noise-cancellation up to 95 dB with almost perfect accuracy.

HMT-1s are tablets in a purpose-built form factor with special optics, batteries, protection and Android software. Therefore, anything a modern handheld can do should be expected from the HMT-1, with the added benefit of being controlled 100% with your voice. Specifically, the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 have assisted GPS. In addition, they have gyroscopes and a digital compass that can be combined with other technologies for internal location. They are also compatible with Bluetooth beacons.

RealWear is the gold standard for industrial headsets, leveraging Assisted Reality. For safety reasons, HMT platform is designed specifically for non-immersive applications that can run on Android tablets or smartphones. These can be contextualized to the local environment by GPS, QR code, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other location indications. It’s possible to run AR apps that are intended for Android tablets or phones if they utilize popular AR libraries such as Wikitude. AR Core and the 3D mode of Vuforia are not supported. Apps may be written in Unity and voice control of these apps is possible using developer documentation at HMT Development Environments. We have partners that have developed applications that leverage SLAM computer vision, for example, but these are currently edge cases.

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