Hands Free Document Navigator

Viewing documents on the HMT-1 enables your workforce to view technical manuals and any other documents without needing to hold them in your hands. Using reference documents with eyes forward and hands free improves productivity and safety.

Use PDFs and Images In-Situ

Quick Reference


Papers, folders and/or manuals get wet, ripped or wrinkled.


Hands free digital documents in-situ are powerful when referenced during the completion of a task without distracting a technician from performing the work at hand.

Time on Task


Taking your gloves on and off to view a document is inefficient and unsafe, racking up costs and risks.


Voice is another set of hands freeing a technician to apply information from a document to current task without losing focus.

Work Instructions


Time to learn a new procedure takes longer with constant interuption of job task actions.


Viewing instructions and following step by step as the procedure is completed decreases time needed to complete and reduces errors.

Document Navigator

Industrial Use Cases

• Auto Servicing & Repair

• Test & Inspection

• Maintenance & Repair

• Manufacturing & Assembly

HMT-1 Documents and Files


Navigate documents using voice commands.


Capture photos and videos to reference or share using the HMT HD Camera and the My Camera app.


View documents, photos and video files locally stored or stored on an installed MicroSD card using the My Files app. Supported file types: MP3, WAV, AVI, MP4, WEBM, PDF, PNG, JPEG.


View document details using 5 levels of zoom and 854×480 resolution display that features 20° field-of-view, 1-meter fixed focus, 24-bit color LCD, 0.33 inch diagonal, and is outdoor visible.