Hands Free Remote Mentor

Remote Mentor is hands-free collaboration and telepresence for first line workers on the RealWear HMT-1. The HMT-1 is equipped with a high-definition camera, powerful audio and unmatched noise cancellation capabilities, enabling workers in the field to get assistance from experienced technicians (“mentors”) via an enhanced two-way video call experience where the expert can remotely see and hear from the worker’s point of view.

Reduce Downtime and Travel Costs

Equipment Repair


Unplanned downtime is expensive.


Remote experts help get machines back online faster.

Travel Restrictions


Flying an expert to a job site is costly and time consuming.


Improve service levels and reduce travel costs.



Face-to-face assistance cannot scale across your enterprise.


One remote mentor can help many workers who are onsite.

Featured Solution

Cisco Webex Expert on Demand

Cisco Webex Teams - Icon White bg

Cisco Webex Expert on Demand for RealWear connects frontline workers to the rest of your business, improving safety, accelerating productivity, and delivering strong ROI.

Remote Mentor Industrial Use Cases

• Auto Servicing & Repair

• Test & Inspection

• Maintenance & Repair

• Manufacturing & Assembly

• Telemedicine

First Line Technician
Live Video Collaboration
Remote Specialist

More Remote Mentor Solutions

HMT-1 Communication and Collaboration


Communicate in loud environments with HMT-1 noise cancellation via four digital microphones and advanced algorithms. Accurate voice recognition even in 95 dBA of typical industrial noise.


Capture photos and videos hands-free with simple voice commands. Say what you see (“take photo”, “photo preview,” “zoom level.”)


Integrated speakers and 3.5mm audio jack for use with hearing protection.


View documents, photos and video files locally stored or stored on an installed MicroSD card using the My Files app.