Zoom for RealWear

Hands-Free Remote Collaboration In-Situ

The world’s grand symbol of remote work during the pandemic is Zoom.  RealWear has collaborated with Zoom to take Zoom to the Edge.  RealWear HMT-1 is a voice-enabled device for frontline workers that is revolutionizing and transforming firstline work.  The power of Zoom on HMT-1 enables real-time communication and collaboration, even when travel is restricted during the pandemic.  Whatever your line of work — healthcare, home inspection, factory — Zoom on RealWear is enabling some of the largest deployments of HMT-1 in the world.

Put world-class Zoom technology directly on your helmet with the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1.  Your field services operator wears HMT-1 using powerful software by Zoom to immediately allow a remote expert to jump in th scene to view components, signs, tags and other assets.  Solve the job the first time without expensive or unnecessary travel.

Zoom for RealWear shows Experts what you see

Share the job details visually in real-time by connecting Zoom to your hard hat wiht the HMT-1. Say what you see on the screen to call colleagues, equipment manufacturers, engineers and even customers.

Zoom on RealWear HMT-1 as seen on micro-display

HMT-1 enables the world’s first hands-free experience of Zoom.  Reduce errors on the job by bringing in remote experts just by calling someone in your directory or joining a Zoom meeting.

Zoom on RealWear Demo

Key Benefits

Hands-Free Telepresence with Zoom

Save up to 95% on travel costs simply by mounting a Zoom-enabled HMT-1 to a hard hat and allowing experts to connect in realtime from anywhere.

Reduce errors on the job

By connecting to remote experts, you can get a second opinion in seconds, keeping tasks flowing and repairs and maintenance done without question, improving customer satisfaction.

Align your edge workforce if Zoom is already your standard

By unifying your communication with Zoom on HMT-1, you’re able to ensure your IT department is on board with your frontline technologies that will advance your digital transformation objectives without hiccup.

Zoom is for you, our courageous, hardworking, and creative community of users…One thing we’ve learned in this challenging time is that remote work does work. The future will bring a hybrid of the best of in-person and virtual communications.

Eric S. Yuan




Key Capabilities

Zoom on RealWear HMT-1

Zoom takes your HMT-1 to new heights by activating the power of hands-free with remote collaboration.  Take Zoom where you’ve never imagined it — intrinsically safe zones, construction sites, home inspections, mining, offshore, and more.

Contact your Expert via Zoom Meeting

Voice-Controlled Zoom for RealWear

Zoom collaborated with RealWear to create the ultimate remote collaboration experience for a whole new group of frontline workers including home inspectors, factory workers, and anyone who needs to talk to remote experts due to cost or travel restrictions.

Seamlessly Dial Zoom Directly from Device

Voice-Controlled Zoom for RealWear

You can just say voice commands and immediately call experts from anywhere in the world.  This saves time and money for your business while keeping everyone safe and focused on total productivity.  The RealWear device is proven thousands of times over to deliver immediate ROI for remote collaboration.

Discuss the Project in Realtime

Our expert, Tim, in this example, is ready to help the frontline worker from his own home office, and can clearly see, in high resolution, the information he needs to transfer critical knowledge to our frontline worker in the field.  Together they’re able to solve problems in real time.  This use case is transformative and a key accelerator of Industry 4.0.

Virtually Bring The Equipment to Experts

Zoom for RealWear shows Experts what you see

In only a few minutes, the ROI of the device has been delivered.  The worker has been able to resolve a simple problem without the need for an expert to come to the scene.  This allows one or more experts to jump on a Zoom call to take a look at an issue and get the customer backonline fast.  This is proven for site surveys, remote inspections, factor acceptance tests, remote mentor, and much more.


Communicate in loud environments with HMT-1 noise cancellation via four digital microphones and advanced algorithms. Accurate voice recognition even in 95 dBA of typical industrial noise.


Capture photos and videos hands-free with simple voice commands. Say what you see (“take photo”, “photo preview,” “zoom level.”)


Integrated speakers and 3.5mm audio jack for use with hearing protection.


View documents, photos and video files locally stored or stored on an installed MicroSD card using the My Files app.

Safer Together

Virtual Home Inspections: Use for quality inspections, remote witnessing and real-time troubleshooting.  Home inspectors can for the first time keep their hands free for their other devices such as measurement or moisture sensors while taking photos and connecting in realtime to clients.

Virtual Site Surveys: Bring your field services team to new levels of efficiency.

Virtual Plant Tours: Bring your executives directly onto the job site.  Let them walk through the site from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Construction Visits : Bring in your customer to your site to help them see first hand the quality of your workmanship, or bring in your compliance partners to very safe installation of heavy, unweildy equipment.

All industries: Solutions for telemedicine, 5G deployment, wind turbines, or HVAC repair.

Download Zoom on RealWear

Note: Foresight is required for Zoom on RealWear but is free for RealWear customers.  An HMT-1 and serial number is required.  By filling out this form, our support team will walk you through the process.