HMT Release 10.2 and HMT Release 10.4 Give Frontline Workers Two New Enhancements To Do Real Work


Diagnose And Fix More Problems Faster With Noise Capture Functionality On RealWear Headsets

If you want to improve worker safety and productivity, you
need to free your hands.

This has been our focus since we released the voice-operated HMT-1® headset. HMT-1 responds to voice commands with 98% accuracy even when ambient noise reaches 95 dB. This level of sensitivity ensures that workers can always find the right information at the right time, even in extreme conditions.

But here’s the twist.

Even as we developed sophisticated algorithms for voice recognition and noise cancellation, our customers told us that the noise itself is valuable. Machine noise can add clues to a visual inspection when solving problems. This additional context allows engineers, technicians, and subject matter experts to diagnose problems and offer solutions faster than ever.


Introducing Noise Capture Feature for HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1

On August 1st, we added this new functionality to HMT-1 headsets as part of our latest firmware release.

Today, we’re happy to announce this new feature, still at no cost, for our intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1® as part of HMT Release 10.4. (NOTE: This is a follow-on update to our largest release to date, HMT Release 10.)


Now once configured via My Controls, anyone who uses either HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 can quickly toggle to Noise Capture Mode by pressing the Action Button, and they will be able to record all ambient noise at the moment of need. When Noise Capture is enabled, the HMT microphone can capture:


  • Machinery or equipment noise
  • A nearby person’s speech
  • Any noises from any environment

For more information, please visit our support page on the Action Button.


Leading oil and gas companies use digital workflow solutions and remote mentor tools on the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1
Workers in extreme environments can use the new Noise Capture functionality on HMT-1Z1 to complement visual inspection. Now, when a frontline worker wearing HMT-1Z1 connects with a remote subject matter expert, the expert can see what the worker sees and hear what they hear. This added context allows the expert to diagnose the problem quickly and recommend possible solutions to the frontline worker, improving productivity and efficiency. Image courtesy Schlumberger, screenshot from their YouTube video here.

Consider this real-world scenario:

Johnny, an inexperienced natural gas maintenance tech, is inspecting equipment at a refinery in Beaumont, Texas using his intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1 wearable computer. Johnny identifies a major vibration with a piece of equipment. To get a second opinion he seamlessly initiates a Remote Mentor call on his HMT-1Z1 with Bill, his rotating equipment expert out of the company’s Houston office.

Johnny: “I’ve got this sensor that’s telling me I’ve got a problem with the second stage bearing.”

Bill: “OK, I see the data. Can you let me hear the machine?”

Johnny: “OK, I’m turning on Noise Capture right now.”

*Johnny Activates Noise Capture by clicking the Action Button on his HMT-1Z1.*

Bill: “Yeah, I hear it. It’s a problem with the second stage bearing. Submit a work order immediately in Maximo through your HMT-1Z1. We need this addressed immediately.”

Previously, Bill would have had to travel to the refinery and identify the problem first-hand. Without the Remote Mentor and Noise Capture capabilities of Johnny’s HMT device, diagnosing the problem could have taken hours or even days. Now, frontline workers and remote experts can collaborate in real-time to troubleshoot problems and recommend solutions quickly and safely.

While this scenario is specific to Oil & Gas, you could also change the setting from a Beaumont refinery to a BMW service center in Hamburg or a semiconductor foundry in Santa Clara. Choose any industrial setting, inside or out. With Remote Mentor and Noise Capture capabilities on an HMT device, you can expect similar improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Watch our support video to learn more about Noise Capture:



Easy as ABC

RealWear strives to continually enhance the usability of its products.  As part of this effort, we’ve added an easy method to input complex text strings. This is designed to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to finish routine tasks. The Speech Keyboard’s new ABC Mode, is now available on both HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1.

Instead of calling out the NATO code word for each letter, “HOTEL-MIKE-TANGO,” users can simply call out individual letters to spell a word, “R-E-A-L.” You can also continue to use the existing text entry methods of NATO code word, dictation, QR code scanning, and secure mode (for passwords or private information).

ABC Mode is an extension of our “Say What You See” intuitive user experience commitment. Now you can say any word or string of characters as fast as you can spell it.


Changes in HMT Release 10.2 and HMT Release 10.4

following new features are included in HMT Release 10.2 for HMT-1 and HMT
Release 10.4 for HMT-1Z1:


  • Updated “Voice Keyboard enables ABC mode” (Speech keyboard optimization)
  • End-User Action Button Control / Noise Capture Mode
  • HMT-1 application (APK) updates
  • Updated language translations
  • General enhancements
  • Configuration updates
  • Release 10 software and firmware bug fixes.
  • These updates also includes Android Security Bulletins updates for January, February and March 2019.


How To Access All New Features In HMT Release 10.2 and HMT Release 10.4

The HMT Release 10.2.0 update is available for HMT-1 devices currently running Release 10.0.0. HMT Release 10.4.0 is the same system, but for the HMT-1Z1, available to all HMT-1Z1 devices running Release 10.1.0. To access this update on your HMT device, go to My Programs > Wireless Update and follow the screen instructions.

For further details about the update, please reference the Release Notes. If you have any support issues, please contact us via our support web page or email


How Do You Improve Productivity With Wearable Computers Like HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1?

Features like Remote Mentor, Noise Capture, and ABC Mode are just the beginning.

If you want to learn more about improving worker productivity with HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1, read this whitepaper:

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