Hands Free Remote Expert

Frontline workers do their best work when they’re able to get the right information at the right time. Sometimes, that information can only come from an offsite expert or mentor.

The RealWear HMT headsets are equipped with a high-definition camera, powerful audio and unmatched noise cancellation capabilities that enable workers in the field to collaborate with remote experts. By easily connecting and working with a remote expert, frontline workers can solve difficult or unique challenges more easily and quickly — and reduce downtime and operational costs.

Field Personnel

With a RealWear HMT headset, a connected frontline worker can easily get the help they need from a remote expert.

  • Powerful two-way audio provides crystal-clear communication.
  • High-resolution micro-display allows workers to see the remote expert’s screen and other knowledge resources.
  • Hands-free voice commands make it easier to work while collaborating.

Remote Expert

Remote experts can support frontline workers from anywhere in the world, whether they’re at the office headquarters, at home, or even in another timezone.

  • A high-resolution camera allows remote experts to see exactly what onsite workers see.
  • RealWear’s multiple technology partners means there’s a collaborative solution for nearly any industry challenge.
  • Multiple remote experts can participate on a single call to solve complex problems.

Benefits of Remote Experts

The ability to connect frontline workers to relevant information is key to an organization’s digital transformation. With the RealWear HMT headsets facilitating collaboration between onsite workers and remote experts, organizations can improve knowledge sharing while reducing downtime and wasteful operational costs.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Not every fix can be found in a technical document. An experienced technician can often identify and diagnose challenging issues at a glance and help guide the maintenance or repair quickly and easily. Fast resolutions are crucial to minimizing equipment downtime and ensuring maximum production.

Reduce Travel Needs

Sending experts across the world to oversee short-term tasks is costly, time-consuming and disrupts the employees’ work-life balance. Through remote collaboration, experts can tour facilities, address specific issues or engage with workers virtually. And because they don’t need to travel, experts can “visit” more sites without the associated transportation, housing and dining expenses.

Virtual Training

Mentors are critical to developing fresh talent. But where face-to-face assistance is difficult to scale across an enterprise, a remote expert can help many workers at a time on multiple sites.

Remote Expert is hands-free collaboration and telepresence for first line workers on the RealWear HMT-1.

The HMT-1 is equipped with a high-definition camera, powerful audio and unmatched noise cancellation capabilities, enabling workers in the field to get assistance from experienced technicians (“experts”) via an enhanced two-way video call experience where the expert can remotely see and hear from the worker’s point of view.

HMT-1 Display Appears as a 7" Tablet

Reduce Downtime and Travel Costs

Equipment Repair


Unplanned downtime is expensive.


Remote experts help get machines back online faster.

Travel Restrictions


Flying an expert to a job site is costly and time consuming.


Improve service levels and reduce travel costs.



Face-to-face assistance cannot scale across your enterprise.


One remote expert can help many workers who are onsite.

Remote Experts

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Use Case
Boost Repair Efficiency by 93%


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles did a nationwide rollout of remote expert. When VW techs face complex or unexpected challenges they connect directly with the Technical Support Center. The expert helps the field technician diagnose and repair by annotating images, sharing wiring diagrams and adding suggestions into their view.

VW saved $330,000 and boosted repair efficiency by 93%. All 67 Van Centers and 30 Authorized Service Centers have successfully deployed RealWear HMT-1.

HMT-1 Remote Demo - Petroleum Industry
Use Both Hands for Complex Procedures


North America’s largest polypropylene site uses Remote Expert HMT-1s to maintain real-time communications given current travel restrictions. Microsoft Teams on RealWear empowers plant workers to use both hands for complex work procedures while remotely communicating in real time with subject matter experts wherever they are in the world.

Harley-Davidson Remote Demo
Collaboration in High Noise Environments


Harley Davidson conducted a device face-off comparing a handheld device using Facetime with RealWear’s robust Remote Expert hands-free solution. Every aspect of the device was tested, with a focus on RealWear’s patented noise-cancelling capability and the ability to use voice commands and use remote expert features.



Many organizations that enable frontline workers to connect with a remote expert have reported immense ROI from eliminating travel costs, increasing first-time fix rates, reducing field errors and more.

Experts provide experience, insight and vital information. A company that empowers its workers with the ability to contact experts remotely dramatically improves knowledge sharing across the entire organization.

RealWear has technology partners that have optimized their collaborative technologies for the HMT platform. The most common solutions that support remote expert functionality include Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Expert on Demand, Zoom, PTC Vuforia Chalk, Librestream Onsite Connect and many more.